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Fandango Gift Card Balance

If you are a movie buff, you could have been gifted a Fandango gift card with a relative or friend. Fandango is a movie ticketing service, and FandangoNOW is a video streaming service, both accessible as sites and programs. You can use your gift card to redeem against buys on them.

We are going to tell you all you will need to know about a Fandango gift card what it is, the way to check the balance, the way to use it, and how to buy one for somebody else.

Fandango Gift Card Balance

Fandango sells movie tickets for theatres nationwide across the united states, including chains like Regal, AMC, Cinemark, and much more.

Based on the theater, you can book your seat and then pick the ticket up when you’re there, have it on your phone, or print it out.

The goal of Fandango is to record theater movie times all in one central location so that you can see which display works best for you and then buy through Fandango.

A Fandango gift card is a dollar amount loaded on a card for use on their website or app. The card may either be physical or virtual and can be themed with the latest big movie releases.

You can even use the card for leases or purchases from FandangoNOW, which is a picture and TV streaming services.

How To Check Fandango Gift Card Balance:

In case you’ve been given a Fandango gift card, or maybe found an old one lying around, the main thing you will need to know is how much money value it has.

Be wary that the equilibrium will stay tied to your present card code, so don’t squander it. The value can’t be loaded to your Fandango account.

The way to examine the balance is to visit the Fandango gift card site and click on Check equilibrium.

Once here, enter your card number. You don’t want the pin. Then prove you are not a robot and click on Check Balance.

Do not worry if your balance does not cover the complete price of a ticket; you can make up the excess with another payment system.

Where to Use Fandango Gift Card Balance:

A Fandango gift card may only be used on Fandango or FandangoNOW–and the mobile programs for both. You can’t use it in person in the theater or on the theater’s website.

It’s easy to use the gift card. Proceed to the website or the program and select what you wish to buy. All that info is found on the back of the card (you may want to scratch to show the PIN) or at the email.

If your purchase is less than the value of the gift card, then that remaining balance may be used for a future purchase. Bear in mind, the value remains on the card, not in your accounts. If your purchase exceeds the gift card’s value, you’ll have to cover the difference with a different payment method.

Be aware that every Fandango trade for movie tickets is billed a per-ticket convenience fee. This is applied to each purchase, irrespective of your payment method.

Where to Buy Fandango Gift Card Balance:

You can purchase a Fandango gift card online and in shops.

1 choice is via Fandango directly. If the latter, then you may select to send it immediately or at a scheduled time.

If buying physical, you will be billed an additional $1.95 processing fee per card. Delivery is free, though you may pay extra to get it to your receiver quicker.

For physical cards, you can choose from a selection of fun designs that portray characters and scenes from the most recent and greatest movies. You can even pick a blank card design and upload your own picture. If you do so, you want to have the right to distribute the picture and it can’t violate the stipulations of the service.

They sell cards that are physical.

While the design is not as exciting as purchasing through Fandango directly, you save the processing charge and will get faster shipping at no cost. However, keep in mind that the card is not insured by Amazon’s usual return policy.

You could even get the cards from retail shops throughout the US such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Safeway, and so many more. Odds are if you are in a shop that sells gift cards then you will locate one for Fandango. Take it to the till and the cashier will trigger it for immediate use.

Fandango Gift Card Balance Worth It Or Not?

A gift card is a really convenient gift to send. That’s particularly true if you will need a last-minute digital present that does not require shipping.

Going to the cinema is something that most individuals do frequently, so your receiver will undoubtedly get value from it–not like any gift cards that can sit around collecting dust.

Having said that, Fandango is not flawless. It is not unusual for it to be cheaper to purchase the film ticket direct from the theater rather, particularly as you avoid Fandango’s fees. The gift recipient might not mind because it is not their money, but it does not necessarily provide the best bang for your buck.

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